Rock Bottom

When I Talk About Addiction And
Dependency, I Am Not Just Theorizing.

I am speaking from a deep well of experience that nearly ended my life and certainly threatened to destroy my relationships with everyone I cared about. They refer to the moment when you realize you have nowhere to go but up as “rock bottom,” and I definitely hit it is in my own life.

I remember the moment well when I made the first promise of my life that I knew I had to keep. It was to my son whom I had abandoned for years while chasing my own desires. I told him, “I’m going to be your dad, a real dad, from now own.” This was the moment, I believe, that I pivoted from rock bottom and began my journey back up.

J.K. Rowling said, “Rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life.” While she is wildly successful today with her Harry Potter book series, Rowling was not always the success story we currently see. Her parents were estranged when she was young and her mother died of multiple sclerosis when she was a young woman. She married and divorced, becoming a single parent and struggling to support her child. She was diagnosed with clinical depression and even attempted suicide. However, at some point Rowling made the decision to use rock bottom as a springboard to much bigger and better things. I suspect that, like me, her child played an important part of the impetus for her to make those changes and ultimately triumph. Today, she is one of the world’s most successful novelists, living a dream that few ever realize.

Now, we may not all be as successful in terms of our career fields as J.K. Rowling, but that does not matter. When you decide to make the changes necessary to make real changes in your life, you will find that your success becomes its own beautiful story. Remember, rock bottom does not have to be the end; instead, it can be the beginning of a new life that brings you all the love, success and triumph you could ever want!

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