Following Your Dreams Means Making Some Sacrifices

Everyone Tells You To “Follow Your Dreams.”

What some fail to tell you, is that following your dreams may mean making some sacrifices. When you decide to pursue a dream, it will mean hard work and it may mean giving up some things that you currently like. When I decided to pursue my dreams of financial freedom, I found that my time was severely constrained in some cases. I had to give up free time and fun activities, but I could see the “big picture.” I knew that the sacrifices I made today would pay off tomorrow. One day, I would have the time and freedom that I lacked today.

Jim Rohn says, “If you don’t design your own life plan, chances are you’ll fall into someone else’s plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.” Even people who mean well and have the best intentions for us are not in charge of our lives. What someone else wants for us may not be what we want for ourselves. We must be in charge of our own destinies and take responsibility for our dreams. We cannot wait for someone else to do so.

While it is fun to dream, it is hard work to pursue those dreams. If you are going to go after a dream, you better have some stamina! Remember, it is a marathon and not a sprint. Another way to look at this is that we become what we do habitually. Even if we stumble from time to time, if we continue to move ahead at a steady pace, we reach our goals. That means that we have to change something that we are doing in order to have a different outcome. When pursuing our dreams, that means we have to make changes in the way we do things so that we are moving closer to our goals.

What are you doing to bring yourself closer to your dreams? What are you changing in your life that will allow you to achieve your goals? Are you putting in the hard work that is sometimes necessary to change your habits and reach the outcomes you have set for yourself?

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