Control Your Thoughts

Most Of Us Are Taught From An Early Age
To Control Our Words And Our Actions.

Not Many of us ever give much thought to controlling our thoughts. However, thoughts are the genesis of all words and actions, so it makes sense to start by controlling our thoughts. When we do that, our words and actions will follow.

My advice is to start thinking about what you want rather than what you do not want. When you focus on a positive rather than a negative, your mind begins to work toward solutions rather than problems and to come up with ways to approach a situation even when you are not aware of what is going on in your brain’s “basement.” Your mind works constantly and if you flood it with positive images, it will work toward those things rather than toward the status quo.

The Law of Attraction states that we attract things to us through our attitude and thoughts. When we put this Law to work for us, we embrace the idea that our thoughts control our outcomes. As Rhonda Byrne says in The Secret, “See the things you want as already yours.” In other words, what you think about, comes about!

You can put this powerful idea to work for you in your everyday life simply by changing the way you think about things. If you want to control positive outcomes, take control of your thoughts and make them positive. Visualize the final outcome you want: is it a healthier body? More money? A better relationship? Think about what that would look like. It may help to create a visual on which you can focus, such as a picture that represents your goal, but you can do this completely with your mind if you choose. Remember that when you control your thoughts, you control your actions, and your actions determine what will happen. Soon, as you focus on positive outcomes, you will find that good things are beginning to happen in your life. Ultimately, your positive viewpoint will rub off on reality and you will achieve the things you want!

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