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– Chris Atkinson was a starving realtor before he began his network marketing career with Ambit Energy. Debbie was a Registered Nurse when she met Chris just 2 weeks prior to joining him in Ambit Energy. In October of 2006, they began a career with Ambit Energy that has allowed them both to retire from their previous jobs. Winners of the Thompson Leadership Award, Impact Award, Crystal Sphere Award, People’s Choice Award twice, they have three sons, and live in Kemah, Texas.

Do you sometimes feel like life should be “more”?
Do you feel like there is something missing—even if you have a good life?

Is there something you’ve always dreamed about doing or having, but you feel like it’s just too late for your dreams to come true?

In their warm and insightful book, Chris and Debbie Atkinson show you that IT’S NEVER TOO LATE to create the life of your dreams!

Chris went from bankruptcy, drug addiction and imprisonment to become one of the top sales people in Ambit, a direct sales company, and a millionaire in less than five years.

Debbie Atkinson left her 60 hour work weeks as a nurse to become a top earner in Ambit, and Together they are sought-after motivational speaker and presenter, who shows others how they can live a life filled with passion and prosperity. Debbie delivers her message with a large dose of charisma and unwavering conviction, leaving her audience positively motivated and fully equipped to make their dreams a reality.

Now you can discover the exact steps Chris and Debbie took to change their lives.

“I will tell you that my sole reason for success is Chris and Debbie Atkinson.”
—Dundy Aipoalani,
Chris and Debbie “Ambit team member”


To reach Chris and Debbie Atkinson directly please call (888)762-6248

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