Addiction: How Much of Your Life Have You Wasted?

There Are Many Terrible Aspects Of Addiction, But Probably The Worst Is The Time You Waste When You Are Caught In That Web.

Enock Maregesi said, “Addiction isn’t about using drugs; it’s about what the drug does to your life.” In other words, not the substance but the behavior is what destroys you from the inside out. While there are very real physical consequences to drug addiction, including possible overdose and death, most of the havoc wreaked by drugs is behavioral and emotional.

I would venture to expand on Maregesi’s premise and point out that any addiction, whether it is to drugs, food, sex or anything else, has the same effect. You have to ask yourself how much time you have already wasted and when you will decide enough is enough. You can never get back the time you have already lost, so there is little sense in dwelling on that in despair. Instead, reviewing the lost days, weeks, months and years should inspire us to make changes so that whatever time we have left is used to the fullest extent possible.

You probably do not have to look far to find a story of someone whose life was cut unexpectedly short by an accident or some other terrible tragedy. We hear these stories every day, in fact, yet we rarely stop to think of the implications. That person got up this morning just as you did, showered, put on clothes, went to work, ate lunch and did all the things that you are doing right now. However, at some moment in time, “the rest of my life” became “the end of my life.” That person never had an opportunity to kiss a spouse or child one last time or tell a friend the thing that needed to be said for the past few years. That time is now gone and cannot be retrieved. Can you imagine if that person is mired in addiction at the time? What if today was the last day of your life and you were an addict?

We could drown in depression when we think of such things if we did not have one saving grace: we have time now to do the things we want to do. You have today, this moment, this life that you are living, whatever its length, to make changes. What are you waiting for?

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