Many People Do Not Understand
The Power Of Gratitude.

Gratitude makes a huge difference in every aspect of your life and changes everything about every situation. Meister Eckhart said, “If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”

Gratitude does far more than express thanks for material blessings. Gratitude actually changes our entire attitude toward life itself and our role in it. If you think about it, most of the problems we experience can be traced back to some form of ingratitude. If you are experiencing relationship difficulties, perhaps it is because you have forgotten to be thankful for all the joy someone has brought into your life. If you are experiencing financial trouble, perhaps it is because you are failing to be grateful for the things you already have and are seeking after more and more “stuff.” If you are struggling with feelings of worthlessness or low self-esteem, perhaps you have forgotten to be grateful for the miracle that is you!

Gratitude changes everything about your mindset. When we are grateful it is impossible to feel petty and jealous. We stop focusing on what other people have and instead focus on our own lives and how rich they are. We take the time to bless the moment rather than living in the past or the future.

Sometimes it may seem difficult to be grateful for what we have. It may seem that we have trouble and strife instead of peace and contentment. However, when you take a moment to stop and really think about what you are blessed with, it becomes much easier to be grateful. Are you alive? Are you fed? Do you have clothing on your back? Do you have a roof over your head? If so, you are much better off than many people around the world. Start there and add in the things that make your life extra-special, like the love of your children or spouse. You have much to be thankful for!

Never forget to be grateful. Your grateful attitude may be the difference between sorrow or discontent and a happy, joyful life!

It’s All In The Mind

I have come to understand through the many experiences of my life that it is only when you are passionate about something that your good qualities begin to show themselves.

When your passions keep you awake at night and force you to strive to do better every day, you can accomplish great things. We are what we believe we are, in the end; or, as Earl Nightingale put it, “We become what we think about most of the time, and that’s the strangest secret.”

This means that no matter your age or what your previous experiences, you can do anything you decide to do when you set your mind to it. If you have the drive and the passion to accomplish something, it can be done. You are empowered to set your goals and achieve them by the things you really care about. It really is all in the mind, and what you think about and believe you can do, you will eventually do.

What does this mean in practical terms? It means that if you want to do something, you have to be passionate about doing it. In fact, if you are not passionate about it, I would advise you to try something else, because there is a good chance you will fail if your heart is not in it. Failure, like success, is self-perpetuating. When you give a halfhearted attempt at something and fail, you are teaching yourself that you cannot accomplish your goals.

However, when you put your heart and soul into something and succeed, you are teaching yourself that you can accomplish great things! Success is its own reward, so when you do something successfully, you are more likely to do it again. Once you become successful many times, you get into the habit of succeeding. This habit generates even more success!

Remember, what you set your mind to become, you will become, and what you set your heart on accomplishing you will accomplish. When you utilize the power of positive thinking, you will be more successful and will accomplish greater things than you ever thought possible!


Every Minute Counts!

I Think One Of The Biggest Lies We Learn
Is That Life Is Made Up Of Tremendous,
Sweeping Moments Like Those In The Movies.

The fact is that life rarely contains pinnacle moments; if it did, we could never keep up the pace! We will all have a few unforgettable moments when things take on movie-like status, but life is actually made up of a series of very small, mundane moments and decisions that occur minute by minute.

Making the right decisions, therefore, is not a matter of the right decision at a pivotal moment but the right decision day by day and moment by moment. Most of us know the right decisions that we should be making; we simply allow ourselves to believe that the little decisions do not matter, so our behavior in this moment is not what will determine the course of our life. We believe that we can behave badly one moment but maintain good behavior the majority of the time and still be okay.

This attitude may work in some areas of life, but not when battling addiction. You see, what we have to fight against with addiction is a constant pressure by our own minds and bodies to slip back into that bad behavior. Even one bad choice can lead to a downward spiral. It is much easier not to give in than to try to recover from a slip-up, so we must guard our momentary actions each day to prevent backsliding.

Tavis Smiley says, “The choices we make about the lives we live determine the kinds of legacies we leave.” People are going to remember the simple things we did and the day-to-day actions we performed, not just our “big” moments. This is especially true for our families. What day-to-day actions are you leaving as memories with your spouse, your parents, your children and your siblings? Are they going to remember you for the good things you did every single day? They will if your daily routine consists of good choices.

Do not give up another minute of your life to poor choices. Resolve today to make the right choices every moment and every day.

Why Wait?

Change Requires Action, But It Also
Requires Commitment.

You must reach a point where you are not just willing to make a change but have committed yourself to the change. This means no more “I’ll do it tomorrow” or “I can allow myself to cheat a little bit.” It means that you are 100 percent committed every day to the change you want to see happen.

Jim Rohn says, “Your life does not get better by chance. It gets better by change.” Life is made up of a series of small changes that take us toward our goals or away from our goals. Even when we think we are maintaining the status quo, we are still going through change! The important thing is to determine if we are controlling the change or if the change is controlling us.

I can tell you that positive changes rarely happen by accident. It is up to us to take control of the changes and use them to move us toward our goal. For example, if you suffer from addiction, it is unlikely that the addiction will get better or be cured on its own. What is more likely is that you will continue on that path and even worsen in your behavior as time goes on; the habit will change, but not for the better. Unattended change, as we might call it, usually moves toward a worsening of a bad habit, not a bettering. That means that, unless you do something to affect a change in your life, it is unlikely that you will conquer your addiction by accident.

Change also requires daily commitment to your new lifestyle. If you simply try to change when you feel like it, you will never made a complete transformation. The fact is that there are going to be times when you do not feel like it and when it may be very difficult to maintain a change. Some days you may wonder why you are changing at all! However, maintaining your hard work and continuing your change is important. Only with consistent effort can you hope to truly change your behavior and become a better person.