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Chris Atkinson went from bankruptcy, drug addiction and imprisonment to become one of the top sales people in Ambit, a direct sales company, and a millionaire in less than four years. Through his passion and vigor for life, Chris has made his dreams come true, including finding the love of his life and absolute fulfillment.

“While I wanted—and did try—to blame everything and everyone else, the only person responsible for my life is me.”

– Chris Atkinson
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left her 60 hour work week as a nurse to become a top earner in Ambit, and together they are sought-after motivational speakers and presenters who show others how they can live a life filled with passion and prosperity. Chris & Debbie deliver their message with a large dose of charisma and unwavering conviction, leaving their audience positively motivated and fully equipped to make their dreams a reality.

“Believe me, nothing you have now can compare with what is waiting for you!”

–Debbie Atkinson


To reach Chris and Debbie Atkinson directly please call (888)762-6248

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